Hit The North 1.5

Well Saturday came and I thought I was prepared enough for the race (yeah right!).

Conditions were good, cold and frosty, nice wintry sunshine and no rain.

The race started at just after 10AM with around 90 starters. In the first section i’d passed 3 or 4 riders  so I was hoping a top 70 finish may be achievable.

The first lap was ok, pretty uneventful. I was lapped by the front-runners before the end of the lap but I didn’t mind.

Lap 2 started and I was feeling more confident, passing another couple of riders before disaster struck! The steep drop  into Mere Clough was to be my undoing – A combination of the wrong tyres, lack of skill and a slippery descent resulted in the front of the bike losing and regaining grip – Just enough to caterpult me over the handlebars!

So with a slightly damaged helmet and grazed chin I continued onto the end of the lap before stopping.

Final finishing position 88th out of 89. Not quite what I was hoping for but i’ll be more prepared for my next race, whenever that may be.


5 thoughts on “Hit The North 1.5

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  2. Well i’m truly honoured. I will make it my goal to have a section of every race I compete in named after me! 😀

    btw the chin is perfectly fine now.

    So what’s the story about Brian?

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