Do CRC sell fog lights?

Last night I went out for a ride with some local riders.  We met up at the start of the climb up Rooley Moor Road. I admitted at the start of the ride that I wasn’t at all fit, but they were very very patient with me!

The climb took us to the Top o’ Leach where there was no visibility at all due to fog/mist/low cloud., along the stone sets past Ding Quarry.

Then we dropped down to Cowpe Quarry  and then down towards Edenfield. The conditions where far from ideal and the mud was really claggy and sticky, with lots of pools of water.

After riding for 2 hours, the climb up Sandbeds lane was extremely hard work for me, my legs were like lead and in the end I had to get off and walk.

Once we’d got back up to Rooley Moor road, the ride back was quite easy and enjoyed trying to pass a couple of 4×4’s that were out on the tops. I bet they were really happy to see the police car blocking their way just before the end of the drop! Better luck next time guys! 😉


Total Mileage 14.2 Miles

Time Taken 3 hours 45 minutes.

Looking forward to the next ride already!

And no, it wasn’t without problems. My cleat on my right shoe jammed into my pedal, just after Cowpe,  so ended up having to rip the cleat from the bottom of my shoe to be able to ride the rest of the journey…

One of these days, one of these days!!


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