mud (not so) glorious mud

Despite having a cold  I decided to try and get out last night for a ride up the hill.  I really need to work on my climbing and building the strength in my thighs, so I thought i’d be able to manage a climb up to Ding Quarry and back.

The start wasn’t too bad, but I was feeling seriously tired.  As I passed over the cattle grid at Lane Head and saw the hill in front of me I had second thoughts,  I turned right towards Prickshaw so that I could then double back and join back onto RMR past the cobbles  at the start of the rough section.

The ground last night was really yucky, under the beam of my light it almost had a grey colour to it and it was really claggy.  I tried to get out of my saddle to put some power into the climb, but couldn’t get any traction and shifting my weight over the rear of the bike just made the front lift.

As soon as I got to the junction that takes you off to Greenbooth reservoir I decided to change the loop into one that dropped down Woodhouse Lane into Norden. I got about 200M up the track before turning back.

Totally and utterly defeated.

Total distance 2.2 miles in 30 minutes.


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