Sunday’s Hangover and early Aussie F1 GP Cure

I’m out at a dinner dance on saturday night (yay!) and suspect i’ll be much the worse for wear on Sunday morning. Thanks to the clocks going forwards and the fact i’ll be up at 5am (4am in old money) to watch the Australian F1 Grand Prix.

I’ve plotted this route on gmap-pedometer. It’s only a short, 8 mile ride with not too much climbing or technical bits.

Depending on what it’s like I might start using it as a regular loop for the singlespeed i’m slowly getting round to building.



First ride in 3 weeks.

I was all geared up for a nice ride tonight. But upon arriving home, I found that Sal was out.  I had 1 hour to spare, so quickly got changed and headed out for a quick blast up RMR.

Darkness had descended, so I had the use of my trusty *or should that be rusty light and had a blast around my local short loop towards Greenbooth Res, down Woodhouse lane and along Caldershaw Road.

It was a good opportunity to test out my new skinny tyres and computer.

The tyres certainly don’t cushion the hits as well as my old 2.1″ kendas and my computer said that I got upto 28mph.

It was a good ride, I managed the whole loop without stopping and certainly felt it in my thighs.

Next time I’ll link it up with my other loop through Healey Dell.

first steps (well pedal rotations)

On Sunday I took my daughter, Katie, for her first ‘Mountain Bike’ Ride. Only a short ride up past Lane Head, over the cattle grid and a quick right turn towards Prickshaw. A quick slalom around the puddles before we headed back towards Rooley Moor Road and a nice ride down the cobbles.

It was good for her as she never uses her brakes normally, so she had to learn how to use them!

All in all, she did really well and is raring to go on our next trip.

I think we’ll head out a bit further next time and give her a good workout!

I’m sooo rubbish.

Well i’ve still got the tyres and bits in the box at home. Not had time to even unpack the box with the cycle computer in it.

I will will will do it this weekend and go out for my first ride in 3 weeks! Shockingly bad. I’d hoped to get some momentum with my riding, but due to a department change at work the little free time I had seems to have reduced to near nothing.

Bring on British Summer Time!!!!

New arrivals

Well I got home last night to find a nice big box from Wiggle in the lounge, it contained the following –

2 x 26×1.8 Panaracer Fire XC Pro tyres

Charge Sponge Lock on Grips

A new wireless computer

some Fenwicks FS bike cleaner.

I’m hoping the tyres will be a big improvement over the 2.1 and a lot Kendas that i’m using at the moment. The Panaracers should have a lower rolling resistance and should help on the climbs and also cut through the mud that still sits in places on the route.

Today this arrived in the post


A Cree R2 drop-in module that will be the main part of the conversion from Halogen to LED for my Cateye RC-230 lights. (It’s tiny, so i’ll need to do some fettling to the housing to let it sit securely. Plus, i’ll need to get a glass lens for the end.

The Drop-in Module has got a large input voltage range, so there shouldn’t be any danger of blowing it up with the 7.2v NiMh battery pack that i’m using.

This unit should produce about 230 lumens, but because it’s only drawing approx 3w the combined lights should (hopefully) run for about 3 hours on a 7.2v  7600mAh battery pack.