First ride in 3 weeks.

I was all geared up for a nice ride tonight. But upon arriving home, I found that Sal was out.  I had 1 hour to spare, so quickly got changed and headed out for a quick blast up RMR.

Darkness had descended, so I had the use of my trusty *or should that be rusty light and had a blast around my local short loop towards Greenbooth Res, down Woodhouse lane and along Caldershaw Road.

It was a good opportunity to test out my new skinny tyres and computer.

The tyres certainly don’t cushion the hits as well as my old 2.1″ kendas and my computer said that I got upto 28mph.

It was a good ride, I managed the whole loop without stopping and certainly felt it in my thighs.

Next time I’ll link it up with my other loop through Healey Dell.


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