@Trip Mobile GPS Tracker Update

Ride number two with the GPS Tracker attached. After changing the logging frequency to every 5 seconds, the results are much better than before with no spurious data being displayed within the log.

The ride took me up Rooley Moor Road, over the horrible cobbles upto Ding Quarry, after a little play around the old spoil heaps I then tracked up to the service road for the Wind Farm.

atrip viewer2

The turbines were spinning at full tilt, there is a little noise from the generator and the blades as they spin, but they’re not that intrusive.


What I hadn’t factored into my ride plan was the wind. Obviously, the fast spinning blades of the turbines should have been an indicator, but until you’ve actually been up there you don’t realise how strong it is.  I had to pedal downhill to make any headway!.

All in all, a good ride. I need to get a new spd plate as the cleat detached again and need to get round to servicing my bike, but it was good as I didn’t struggle with the climb, nor did I get lost..

Ride time : 1 hr 44 mins

Total Distance 10.2 miles

Average Speed 6 Mph

Max Speed  28 Mph

Min Altitude 628ft

Max Altitude 1558 ft


2 thoughts on “@Trip Mobile GPS Tracker Update

    • yep, I spent about 10-15 minutes in there last night, lots of table tops. It’s a very small scale Lee Quarry (I guess as i’ve not been over yet).. It’s quite handy as it gets you onto the service tracks for the wind farm. Hence being nearly blown off my bike last night…

      There’s quite a bit of deep standing water up there at the moment, but it’s certainly a good distraction once you’ve got to the top of RMR before the drop down to Stacksteads.

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