Her first ‘Epic’ Ride

Her first epic ride

Her first epic ride

On sunday I took my daughter out for her first long ride, a nice 4 mile loop via Rooley moor, Greenbooth Reservoir and Shawfield Lane.

Her bike is a Carrera Luna 20″ with 5 gears and RST forks in girly blue!

Katie managed really well but the climbs were quite difficult at times, she’ll improve as her fitness increases.  As part of the ride I attempted to teach her how to use the gears, how to prepare for obstacles (puddles at the moment!) and standing up over rough sections.

The ride normally takes me 30 minutes to do. This time it took 2 1/2 hours with a stop halfway round, so she could play at her friends farm.

We’re already planning the next ‘epic’ ride in the next few weeks.