RMR Loop Round 2

Well, I remembered to press the start button on my phone last night to track the ride. Set off around 8pm, so it was starting to get dark. After the previous nights issues I didn’t have any tea before setting off, nor was I going to try and race up to top o’leach.

I managed the climb with 1 stop, which was good.  On the way down I managed to get to 25mph, but didn’t fancy going much quicker as my lights were fading.

rmr loop

Start: 25/08/2009 20:12
Finish: 25/08/2009 21:05
Duration: 00:53:14
Distance: 5.94 miles
Min Speed: 0 mph
Avg Speed: 6.7 mph
Max Speed: 26.19 mph
Avg Pace: 08:57 mins/mi.
Min Elevation: 702 ft
Max Elevation: 1460 ft
Total Ascent: 1865 ft
Total Descent: 1757 ft

Tonights Ride

Got home tonight and added the guards to my bike, the rear attaches via a rubber backed nylon strap that locks around the seatpost.  The front fits on the usual crud catcher bosses.


So, down to the ride.. I hoped that I’d be able to climb the hill in 15 minutes tonight, but reality called and it took me 20 minutes, but with 2 stops, one of which was 5 minutes as I felt incredibly nauseous. With incredibly leaden legs, I continued beyond the ruins of the Moorcock Inn and up towards the turning for Ding Quarry.

I decided to turn round and change my route to drop down via Greenbooth Reservoir, down Woodhouse Lane and back across the fields towards home.

unfortunately, being a pillock, I forgot to click on the start button on my Nokia Sportstracker App.

Total Distance 10Km (sounds better than 6.2 miles!)

Total Ascent 278M

Min Elevation 165M

Max Elevation 402M

Speed Info N/A

New Kit

just got back from Decathlon in Stockport. Purchased a 2 litre hydration pack with 8l storage for £15.95. I’ve gone for the Khaki one as it matches my bike!

I, also, got a set of SKS guards for a tenner. I’ll fit them for tonight’s ride and i’ll give an update afterwards.

I can change gear at last!!!

Took my bike in to Shepherds in Heywood on Saturday to have the gears serviced.. I had problems with down shifting on the front mech, slack cable and a stuck mech.

It appears that when I fitted the new shifters a while ago, the little plastic widget inside the shifter was in the wrong way round!! One quick test ride yesterday and it’s fantastic now.


Well not much has happened since my last post. We went to Brittany for a fortnights holiday, fortunately it stopped raining on the 7th day otherwise i’d have come home.

We took the bikes and I hired one with a child seat on the back to stick James in. The only ride we managed was partly along the Nantes-Brest canal.  Nice weather to start off and then heavy rain later on.

The route consisted of a nice 5 mile downhill ride to the canal, followed by 7 miles along the canal towpath. This was back to the bottom of the climb back to the farm. Of course everyone else suddenly had very tired legs and couldn’t do the climb, so I hopped onto Sal’s Merlin and I rode back to get the car to collect them.

As I set off, I said that i’d be back in 45 minutes and when I returned after 49 minutes I was greeted by a number of cheeky comments!

Next time… they can ride back 😀