Tonights Ride

Got home tonight and added the guards to my bike, the rear attaches via a rubber backed nylon strap that locks around the seatpost.  The front fits on the usual crud catcher bosses.


So, down to the ride.. I hoped that I’d be able to climb the hill in 15 minutes tonight, but reality called and it took me 20 minutes, but with 2 stops, one of which was 5 minutes as I felt incredibly nauseous. With incredibly leaden legs, I continued beyond the ruins of the Moorcock Inn and up towards the turning for Ding Quarry.

I decided to turn round and change my route to drop down via Greenbooth Reservoir, down Woodhouse Lane and back across the fields towards home.

unfortunately, being a pillock, I forgot to click on the start button on my Nokia Sportstracker App.

Total Distance 10Km (sounds better than 6.2 miles!)

Total Ascent 278M

Min Elevation 165M

Max Elevation 402M

Speed Info N/A


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