End of August Report

August has been my best month so far.  I’ve  ridden 65 miles. Ok, so it’s not earth shattering, but it’s a big improvement over previous months and i’m slowly creeping towards the 100 miles per month that I want to be doing as a minimum.

I’ve attempted to beat the climb up Rooley Moor, but as usual it has beaten me. I will succeed!! I’ve done a few rides with my daughter, she’s 7 and rides a 20″ wheeled Carrera Luna bike with RST forks. It’s got 5 gears and she’s starting to understand that the lower gears are good for climbing and the higher gears are good for going quickly. We did the RMR Loop Round 2 over the weekend and she did really well, climbs are still a problem for her, but she’s improving with each ride.

Even though it’s now only the 1st September, the evenings are getting noticably darker earlier. The lights have been dug out and added to the bike.

I’ve added crud catchers front and rear to try and reduce the amount of mud I come home wearing.

2mud ready

Only problem i’ve had this month is that i’ve bust my forks. I don’t think the bypass circuitry can cope with a high speed descent of rooley moor road whils the lockout is still activated! To be honest, the forks have served their purpose and they’re now starting to hold me back with my riding.

I’m still getting on with my tyres, Michelin Country Trails, loads of traction and grip. They’re much less squirmy now on tarmac as the knobbles are starting to wear down.

Roll on September and lets see if I can break the magic ton.


2 thoughts on “End of August Report

  1. Good work, fella. Thinking about crudcatchers too, but my bike’s got shedloads of stuff attached to t’seatpost already. May have a long hard look to see how I could fit them. Back especially, all my gear’s always full of gunk when I get home.

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