I’ve been running!

Tonight I decided that i’d go for a run. Something i’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. To start off I decided a short loop would be the order of the day (evening actually), so I chose a nice easy route uo Rooley Moor Road to Lane Head. I alternated between a gentle jog and walking up the hill until I got to the flat at Lane Head, and continued to run over the cattle grid and along the footpath towards Prickshaw before doubling back towards the cobbles of RMR. A nice easy decent, safely navigating the cattle grid before continuing down the hill to my house.

What surprised me was the fact that if I rode that route on my bike wouldn’t even break out in a sweat. By the time I got home tonight I was soaked – It must be doing something positive!

1.9 miles
21 minutes
10mph max
5.7mph avg


4 thoughts on “I’ve been running!

  1. I quite enjoyed it too.. I think, believe it or not, that because ive been using the Wii and running on the spot i’ve actually learned to pace myself, which i’ve never been able to do when running in the past!

  2. well, we’ll see.. I’ll do a few more runs first to guage my fitness. I ran 3K lastnight so around Heaton Park I should be able to manage 5K, shouldn’t I?

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