A disappointing end to the month

September was looking to be a good month for me, plenty of riding and i’d also started running too (sorry gaz!). But due to me being a total numpty and forgetting to unlock my forks before descending down some bridlepath I managed to completely and utterly destroy the damping/lockout circuitry in my forks.

Admittedly, they were only Rockshox Darts, but they did the job (to a point). They are now incredibly dangerous to ride on as they return back to their original height rather randomly.

So, I decided to upgrade via eBay and i’ve bought some Marzocchi MX Comp Air forks, 100mm travel again, approx 1.5lbs lighter than the existing forks, and in good condition.

Bought and paid for them on the 20th September and they’ve still not arrived (today or tomorrow is the reply).. So i’ve missed out on 1 weeks riding and i’m not happy


3 thoughts on “A disappointing end to the month

  1. Thats a forking shame that mate.

    As for the forks – if you bought them from the UK, the post office is more than likely still going to have them as they keep striking because their wages are shit!

    They don’t take into account all the post that they nick off us because it’s tax free and “can’t be traced”

  2. oh cheers!! thanks for that! hehehe

    They were posted on Monday, so i’m not going to see them until next week now as they’re being delivered to work.

  3. Good suspension forks are stupid money. Mine are ill too. (They are in desperate need of a service.) I think i’m going to invest in a rigid set and a pair of gel gloves instead.

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