new parts and my first ride in a while

My replacement forks arrived on Monday, a week later than I’d hoped for. THANKS ROYAL MAIL!! My existing forks were Post Mount, whereas the new ones are IS mount. I managed to get a Shimano IS to Post Mount adapter from Wiggle and fitted the brake caliper onto the forks.

It took about 10 minutes to figure out which way up it went, but I managed it!! Some tweeking is needed as the rotor is running very close to the edge of the caliper.


The finished article!! Removal of the forks was fairly uneventful, I managed to stick the evily sharp knife from my trail took into my thumb and coat everything with blood at one point, but once a plaster was in place I carried on. Removal of the bottom race from the old forks took ages, until I had a brain wave and used a wood chisel to get into the gap between the crown and the bearing carrier.  Fitting on the new fork was easy and the bearings were in good condition, considering the weather and conditions I normally ride in.  Apologies for the quality of the picture, but it was in a poorly lit garage and taken with my phone’s camera.


I decided to do my normal short route, but in reverse as I really, really, really did not want to do the climb up rooley moor road in the pouring rain and after 3 weeks without a ride.


Just under 4  miles, with 453ft of ascent in 43 minutes. Not bad, but room for improvement. What surprised me the most was that I managed to do all of it with 1 stop, which was to let a couple of cars past on Woodhouse Lane.  Conditions were interesting to say the least, with deep standing water around the gates on Shawfield Lane bridlepath  (Sealskin socks are on the xmas list now) and torrential water running all across Woodhouse lane in places.


A picture of some of the torrential rainwater!


As for the forks, they’re 1.5lbs lighter than the old ones, which is very noticeable when riding. They’re quite soft, when out of the saddle on climbs, but I suspect they’re not setup for 200lbs of rider leaning over them. They have much more useable travel than the Rock Shox forks that were previously fitted and also soak up the bumps much better.


4 thoughts on “new parts and my first ride in a while

  1. I don’t think I could have found the motivation to ride up Rooley Moor road on a wet cold night either.

    Coming back down the thing is enough to test out any set of forks.

  2. I have to say riding up Woodhouse Lane was far easier. The cobbles weren’t too much fun, but I managed the whole ride with 1 stop (to let cars past). So it’s either

    a) my legs are getting stronger and i’m getting fitter
    b) the forks helped
    c) the ride was easier..
    d) all the above!!

    Batteries are on charge for tonight… I’ll be out again and hope to knock some time off my last ride.

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