Most purplexing

Well this is very peculiar, I’ve not been riding all week, not eaten any more, or any less than I usually do, but i’ve lost 4lbs and i’m now down to 14st 2lbs!!

That means i’ve met another one of my targets! YAY..

My cold has pretty much gone, so i’ll be out on my bike tomorrow night.  I’ve now got the new forks setup with the correct air pressure and will give them a good test ride.

I’ve also decided to buy a set of DX Bastid lights. I originally ordered some about 3 weeks ago, but they were waiting for supplier for ages and I cancelled the order.. A day later they were back in stock, so i’ve re-ordered and saved £1 in the process thanks to the pound slightly strengthening against the dollar!!

I’ll do a nice big review of the lights when I get them!!


4 thoughts on “Most purplexing

  1. I will be intrested to see how you get on with the lights. I keep being put off buying lights like this due to the beam pattern / run times; but at that sort of price there’s nothing from the main stream cycle light manufactures that even comes close!

  2. Will do!! I’m currently running the ‘Allteamgo’ 200 lumen eBay lights at the moment. They do a good job, but I want a bit more warning of rocks and stuff like that!!

    I’ll be converting this light to be helmet mounted with the ~900 lumen light as my main bar light.

  3. I fell for purchasing a set of those lights too, when everyone was raving about how good they were.

    You’re doing well using them off-road. I struggled to use them on the road!

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