Last nights ride

Fitted the new FSA ‘sort of carbon’ pro seatpost to my bike last night and decided to go for a ride. The plan was to try and repeat my climb up to the top of Rooley Moor Road and continue through Ding Quarry, up onto the service tracks of the Scout Moor Wind Farm and drop down past Greenbooth Res.

Well, that was the plan… First off i’d forgotten to charge up the battery for my DX light and secondly i’d not had the right food during the day to give me any (and I mean any) energy.

So out I went with my trusty old 200 lumen lights (they are really really dim in comparison to the P7 based lights) and did my usual quick loop, up the hill and as it soon became apparent that I didn’t have the legs to do the climb last night, so I cut  across to Greenbooth Res, down Woodhouse Lane and then back home.

Despite the seatpost being mainly made of Aluminium it didn’t appear to transmit anything like the amount of trail buzz the old seatpost did, so a thumbs up from me for that.

I’ve also started riding with clear glasses at night, and they certainly help in stopping spray getting in my eyes.


Duration: 00:45:38

Distance: 5.36 miles

Avg Speed: 7.05 mph <- first 7mph average ride i’ve done so far.

Max Speed: 36.29 mph <- not convinced, but I was trying!

Avg Pace: 08:30 mins/mi.

Min Elevation: 743 ft

Max Elevation: 1102 ft

Total Climb: 638 ft



New Kit Update

Now that it appears that I can ride a bike again, and the fact that the front of my bike rides the cobbles over the tops nicely. I still have problems with my rear end (of the bike!!).

The Orange Pin is OK, but it does transfer quite a bit of trail vibration, so i’ve gone down the carbon route.

Hopefully it should arrive by Wednesday, so i’ll give an update once it’s arrived. I had been thinking about carbon bars too, but i’m too much of an ape when i’m riding and I suspect that i’d snap them in half.


First proper ride with the new forks fitted, new brake pads and new lights. My initial plan was to just do my normal loop across to Greenbooth Reservoir  and down Woodhouse Lane.

But my legs felt really good, so I carried on up the hill, further up…

and up…

and up…


and beyond….


and BACK!!!!


No mechanicals, no falls, no legs like lead, no heavily laboured breathing.

Just nice spinning, clean crisp shifts and a very happy me!

ding and back

I got all the way to Ding Quarry and the plan was to do a loop through the wind farm, but the weather closed in and I decided it was best to turn round and have a right good blast down the hill.

The cobbles seemed to all get ironed out as my bike floated over them..

Duration 56 min 53s

Distance 6.22 mi

Speed (average) 6.6 mph

Speed (max) 35.4 mph

Pace (average) 9 min 9s / mi

Pace (max) 1 min 42s / mi

Altitude (min) 835 ft

Altitude (max) 1,589.6 ft

Oh and this means I’ve met 3 more of my goals….

RMR in 1 go

RMR in less than 15 minutes

I got up to 22mph on the gravel on the way down RMR and 35.4 on the tarmac back to my house.

Oh, and the lights fucking ROCK!!!

My new lights have arrived!

My Dealextreme SSC P7 HA-III 900 lumen Bicycle Light was on my desk when I arrived at work this morning. Current thoughts are positive, it looks to be well constructed and is very very bright (as I discovered when I plugged the battery pack in and nearly blinded myself)





I’ll pop them on charge when I get home tonight and will give them a try tomorrow evening. I’ll take some beam shots and add here afterwards.


F3/5 1/5th Second ISO-3200 Full Power (900)








F3/5 1/5th Second  ISO-3200 Half Power (400)

The pictures don’t really show how bright this light is, the end of the garden from where the light was positioned was about 80ft Without the light on it was pitch black.