My new lights have arrived!

My Dealextreme SSC P7 HA-III 900 lumen Bicycle Light was on my desk when I arrived at work this morning. Current thoughts are positive, it looks to be well constructed and is very very bright (as I discovered when I plugged the battery pack in and nearly blinded myself)





I’ll pop them on charge when I get home tonight and will give them a try tomorrow evening. I’ll take some beam shots and add here afterwards.


F3/5 1/5th Second ISO-3200 Full Power (900)








F3/5 1/5th Second  ISO-3200 Half Power (400)

The pictures don’t really show how bright this light is, the end of the garden from where the light was positioned was about 80ft Without the light on it was pitch black.


8 thoughts on “My new lights have arrived!

    • Hi Paul,

      They’re from Hong Kong! Delivery took about 7 days, no import tax and no delivery charges. I’ve used dealextreme before and have never had any problems with them.

  1. Got the same and they are ace but my beam seems miles wider than yours which I dont like :~( I dropped mine and it still work too!! Mine took about a month to arrive as they were outta stock. All the roads I go on though are well lit so a little pointless but I get noticed.

  2. The beam is quite floody. The side lawn is fairly enclosed, where I took the photo, so i’ll try and get a picture when i’m up on the moors this week for comparison.

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