First proper ride with the new forks fitted, new brake pads and new lights. My initial plan was to just do my normal loop across to Greenbooth Reservoir  and down Woodhouse Lane.

But my legs felt really good, so I carried on up the hill, further up…

and up…

and up…


and beyond….


and BACK!!!!


No mechanicals, no falls, no legs like lead, no heavily laboured breathing.

Just nice spinning, clean crisp shifts and a very happy me!

ding and back

I got all the way to Ding Quarry and the plan was to do a loop through the wind farm, but the weather closed in and I decided it was best to turn round and have a right good blast down the hill.

The cobbles seemed to all get ironed out as my bike floated over them..

Duration 56 min 53s

Distance 6.22 mi

Speed (average) 6.6 mph

Speed (max) 35.4 mph

Pace (average) 9 min 9s / mi

Pace (max) 1 min 42s / mi

Altitude (min) 835 ft

Altitude (max) 1,589.6 ft

Oh and this means I’ve met 3 more of my goals….

RMR in 1 go

RMR in less than 15 minutes

I got up to 22mph on the gravel on the way down RMR and 35.4 on the tarmac back to my house.

Oh, and the lights fucking ROCK!!!


10 thoughts on “Superhuman!!

  1. Cheers! and my legs don’t hurt either!! I think the forks helped too, but it was one of those rides where everything just gelled!

  2. Well, I didn’t think I was in form!! I’ve certainly not put in enough miles to be!

    I’ll have another go tomorrow night to see if I can replicate it (and complete the whole loop of the ride)


    • Cheers! I don’t know how, or why, I managed to get up in one go, but it was effortless too!! I suspect its the forks that have made a massive difference.. It certainly rode the cobbles much much better than the old crappy RS Darts.. I’m sure it’ll get easier each time, if I can lose some weight too, then there’s less mass to try and get up the hill..

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