2010 todo list

Ok, 2009 has been a disappointing. I’ve not riden nearly enough miles. I can blame the bike, work, family; but the main protagonist has been me and not being able to get my lazy backside off the sofa. So a New Year dawns, i’ve cancelled sky tv, my bike’s in fine fettle and I will,repeat will do the following this year –

Ride an average of 20 miles per week MINIMUM

Ride in two long distance events, probably the Manchester – Blackpool, or Manchester 100k and hopefully the Over The Edge BHF ride.

Lose 1 1/2 stone

Stop eating as much junk (or at least eat less junk than I burn in calories when riding)

Conquer my block with descents, perhaps a smaller frame might help on that?

Oh… And actually manage to get over to Lee Quarry regularly!

Roll on the new decade and a new me (well, slightly improved)


End of Year Report.

Ok, so 2009 is just about over. I won’t have chance to have another ride before 2010 is ushered in.

What has been achieved –

Competed in my first MTB race. I finished last, but one, after falling off. So better than expected as I thought i’d finish last or not even manage a lap.

I’ve managed a couple of good months, but getting that work/family/ride balance is bloody difficult.

Bike wise, at the start of the year it was a bog standard Orange G2, but a brush with a bush on the HTN 1.5 Preview ride resulted in new LX shifters and an SLX rear mech.

I’ve tried various tyres in an attempt to get that balance between grip in the mud/dry sorted and I think i’ve managed that with some 2″ Michelin Country Trail Folds (they’re not bad in the snow/ice too!)

A hasty decent down Rooley Moor Road to Lane Head with the lock-out activated saw the end of my Rockshox Dart 2 forks, to be honest it’s no real loss as they’re one of the first components that should be replaced on any bike equipped with them. In their place i’ve fitted a set of Marzocchi Bomber MX Comp Air forks, they’ve slightly more travel at 105mm, but they do actually use all of it. I’ve just about got used to the squishing when they compress.

The only other part that has been replaced has been the seatpost for an FSA CarbonPro post, which is actually thin alloy with a thick carbon layer over the top. It does feel more comfortable than the Orange post, and I feel better that it does have some substance to it as with my weight it would be the first thing to snap.

I’ve also finally managed to wear out a set of brake pads. It’s taken 2 years, but I do hope that the next set last a fraction of that.

I started the year off with a set of 200 lumen XR-E cree lights that i’d bought of eBay they offer a fairly good throw and spread, but as I improve has increased and they don’t give quite the warning that i’d like. I got a set of the DealExtreme Bastid lights, that promise 900 lumens for £50. They lasted 3 rides before they packed in.. There’s a moral there somewhere. For Christmas I got a pair of RSP Asteri lamps, which allegedly provide 400 lumens of light, more than enough for me as I’ll have my old light helmet mounted to add a little.

Once i’ve been out at the start of 2010 i’ll give an update of how they perform.

I’ve managed about 325 miles this year, which is shockingly bad. Next year I really hope to do at least 100 per mont, with some swimming and running thrown in for good measure.

Weight loss, i’ve probably still lost around 7lbs since the start of the year, but the last couple of weeks have been terrible and i’ve put on 6lbs (chocolates and christmas snacks and hardly any riding!)

Father and Daughter Ride

Took my daughter for a ride yesterday. Just under 5 miles, averaged 2.9mph.

I did suggest to her that if we’d did the route the normal way round it would be easier for her, but she insisted. Then started complaining 2/3 of the way round as there were too many climbs..

Told you so springs to mind!

Still, it was a good ride and she’s getting much better, but is still struggling with the climbs.

Oh, and she ruined her Hannah Montana socks in the mud! đŸ™‚

End of Month Report

I had hoped for a better end to the month than I got. My 900 lumen lights arrived from Dealextreme and I was instantly wowed by their brightness and throw.  The new forks had made a massive difference to the way the bike rides and the resulting first ride with the new forks / lights ended up with me cycling all the way up to Ding Quarry without stopping.

I tried to replicate it two nights later – My DX lights were dead, so were my legs.  The ride wasn’t great,  but my average speed on my usual quick loop has now popped above 7mph for the first time. If I can knock 5 minutes off then I can get upto 8mph.

I did hope to get some final rides in this week, but this happened.. Don’t look if you’re squeemish…

I got tonsillitis.  so the end of the month has been reached, and I have only managed 24 miles this month. I’m looking forward to some good rides in December, now that the batteries are recharged in my TRUSTY 200 lumen lights!