End of Month Report

I had hoped for a better end to the month than I got. My 900 lumen lights arrived from Dealextreme and I was instantly wowed by their brightness and throw.  The new forks had made a massive difference to the way the bike rides and the resulting first ride with the new forks / lights ended up with me cycling all the way up to Ding Quarry without stopping.

I tried to replicate it two nights later – My DX lights were dead, so were my legs.  The ride wasn’t great,  but my average speed on my usual quick loop has now popped above 7mph for the first time. If I can knock 5 minutes off then I can get upto 8mph.

I did hope to get some final rides in this week, but this happened.. Don’t look if you’re squeemish…

I got tonsillitis.  so the end of the month has been reached, and I have only managed 24 miles this month. I’m looking forward to some good rides in December, now that the batteries are recharged in my TRUSTY 200 lumen lights!


2 thoughts on “End of Month Report

    • I’d hope so, but can’t be bothered trying to get it replaced thanks to it being from HK.

      I’ve ordered a set of RSP Asteri 6 lights as I’d be happy with 400 lumens of light output and.. A UK Guarantee! (DX lights are going on eBay as spares!)

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