2010 todo list

Ok, 2009 has been a disappointing. I’ve not riden nearly enough miles. I can blame the bike, work, family; but the main protagonist has been me and not being able to get my lazy backside off the sofa. So a New Year dawns, i’ve cancelled sky tv, my bike’s in fine fettle and I will,repeat will do the following this year –

Ride an average of 20 miles per week MINIMUM

Ride in two long distance events, probably the Manchester – Blackpool, or Manchester 100k and hopefully the Over The Edge BHF ride.

Lose 1 1/2 stone

Stop eating as much junk (or at least eat less junk than I burn in calories when riding)

Conquer my block with descents, perhaps a smaller frame might help on that?

Oh… And actually manage to get over to Lee Quarry regularly!

Roll on the new decade and a new me (well, slightly improved)


4 thoughts on “2010 todo list

    • OK, not done as well as I’d hoped!

      I live about 4 miles from Lee Quarry and have been unable/incapable of riding there.. This is something I must fix in 2010!

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