First Ride Of 2010

I was hoping to go out for a ride with some mates today, but they cried off due to the snow. unperturbed, I decided to go out on a ride anyway! Iwas the first up RooleyMoor Road this morning and it made interesting riding. Snow had drifted over the gravel, which made it impossible to read where the dips and troughs were – More importantly, where the front wheel was going to sink into the hub.

The climb to Top o’pike was fairly uneventful, I had to get off and push a couple of times, but still managed to get to the top intact.

The hope was that the top was more exposed and that the snow would have been blown from the cobbles to make it an easyish ride. I was wrong. It was a case of  5 steps in the snow, followed by hopping back onto the bike and riding for 4 or 5 metres, before getting off to push again.

Made it past the Old Moorcock Inn, and towards Ding Quarry, before having enough and turning round and coming home.

The trip down RMR was good, finding the limit between grip and speed was a good test. Something that I really enjoyed.

6 miles

1hr 30 minutes.

Just under a third of my weekly mileage goal.


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