Beamshots for RSP Asteri 6

Right, these are the beam shots I took from my phone on last night’s ride. They don’t show the beam quite as brightly as it really is.  In reality they were rather bright and my attempt to reuse my 200 lumen light as a headlight  but the beam was completely drowned out by the new lights.

Pic 1 – 150 Lumens


Pic 2 – 200 Lumens


Pic 3 – 300 Lumens


Pic 4 – 400 Lumens


The actual amount of light from these is very good, but I will be keen to see how they fare once the snow has gone and the light isn’t being reflected. The lights, themselves, are mounted via a pair of rubber strips that stretch round the handlebars and seemed to cope well with the rides. Again, I’ll know more once the snow has gone and I can really bomb the bike down some of the hills.


One thought on “Beamshots for RSP Asteri 6

  1. It’s really hard to tell from beam shots just how bright a light is but that light certainly seems to light the trail up well.

    I tend to ride with my light on “medium/ride” which is roughly equivalent to your pic 3

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