Two rides in one week but behind schedule

I’m really getting quite bored with all this snow up here now. It’s seriously limiting my riding and its not on. I’ve done a couple of rides this week, yesterday was a quick blast up past Greenbooth Res and down through Norden, just over 5 miles in 59 minutes – not bad considering the conditions and I spent a few minutes taking the beamshots for my new lights.

Tonight I tried a different route, just under 8 miles through Whitworth and Healey Dell, conditions were still sketchy and i’m really looking forward to all this snow melting so that I can tackle some longer rides.

So far, for this month, i’ve ridden 24 miles, I need to find another 60 by the end of the month to keep on target for my goals.


6 thoughts on “Two rides in one week but behind schedule

  1. Weather means that miles are hard earned at the moment so you are doing well. I would expect Jan mileage to be a lot lower than say August. So don’t worry!

    • thanks, I do agree it is much harder in these conditions and I’d expect the mileage to increase once the snow and ice have gone. I quite enjoy riding in the rain and mud, so Feb should be a good month!

  2. Good work. I thought I could ride the canal last weekend but I walked a bit of it and gave that idea up as a bad job. Picking up a treadmill this weekend so I’m going to set that up with the turbo trainer in the garage.

    Thank God for this rain. I never thought I’d say that.

    • still really sketchy out there. I’d wait a bit until it’s thawed properly. I’ve just got a stubborn streak at the moment and snow/iced isn’t going to put me off.

    • you’re absolutely right! The great thing too, is that I can do these little rides now in one go, no stopping to get my breath back/vomit over my shoes. So looking good!

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