Do ice miles count as triple?

I had a couple of hours to spare this afternoon, so managed to get out on my bike again.. I know, it’s becoming a bit regular! The conditions are best described as horrible at the moment, the sections that are rideable are great, but the sections that have any snow/ice on them are absolutely impossible to make any progress on.

I rode up the hill past Lane Head and took the fork in the path to Prickshaw. This was the first get off and push point and the only time in the ride that I dropped the bike and ended up on the floor. So so slippy.

The road down to Prickshaw had giant sheets of solid icepack that were at least 5″ deep and highly polished, so I ended up walking down the grassy verge with my bike permanently oversteering down the road. The next 1/2 a mile through the hamlet were just about rideable but again the icepack further down the track put paid to any further riding down that section. The cobbles down towards Healey Dell/Station Road were equally as horrible but half way down the hill the water from the thawing ice had made a clear, but very narrow, channel down the road which was rideable. Station Road was passable, but the hill uptowards Whitworth Road had an alien form of snow that just acted as a magnet and halted my progress almost instantly. Get off and push time again. The rest of the ride wasn’t too bad through Shawclough and back into Healey Dell with a very slow descent through Woodland Road back towards civilisation (of a sort). A fun ride through the streets and up Edenfield Road and back home followed.

I managed to keep my legs spinning quickly in a decent gear and could keep up with the traffic on the flat and downhill sections.

So far this month i’ve managed 31 miles and although it’s not as far as i’d hoped at this point in the month, i’m still very happy with progress. Climbing is improving, my balance is getting better and overall I think i’m getting fitter and stronger. Just need to lose a bit more weight.


4 thoughts on “Do ice miles count as triple?

    • Steer clear of Whitworth or the snow in Whitworth? πŸ™‚

      I’m really enjoying it at the moment, which is always a positive.

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