Fast Road Ride

I went out for a ride on tuesday night and decided to just do some road miles. Interestingly The ride was much faster than I expected, with an average speed of 10.6 mph. I completed the ride in 35 minutes and surprisingly still had plenty of life left in my legs.    My max speed was disappointing, but that was due to slow traffic on the road thanks to the speed humps!

Tonight I’ll go for 3 laps and aim to keep the average speed above 10mph and complete the ride in around an hour.  Reflecting back on the ride, it was quite good fun and I may have to buy some skinny tyres and some spare rims to put on the bike and do this more often. It’ll certainly be good for building up leg strength, which in turn, should help with my climbing on the proper stuff!

Oh, and i’ve removed the K100 from my goals for the moment. It’s a long term thing!


6 thoughts on “Fast Road Ride

  1. Good going on your road miles! You’ll definitely find skinnier more of a help for the road stuff in terms of getting a faster average speed. But then, if you see a nice bit of off road stuff you’re tempted to ride when you’ve got the skinnies on….you’ll just have to ignore it, unless you do what I do and get off road regardless (I take my roadie off road and she’s got slick 23s on her).


    • Cheers! The road miles are certainly helping. I did a 10 mile ride last night and averaged 11mph, so speed and duration are both improving. By skinny I meant 1.8″ tyres 😀

  2. I doubt you will need new rims to fit skinny tyres. What are you currently using?

    I’m selling some Fast Fred and Conti Cross Country tyres on ebay at the moment. Both set are lightningly quick on the road without being full on slicks.

    I’ve done a few road sporitves on my MTB / Fast Freds!

    • I’ve got Sun CR18 rims and i fitted a set of 1.8″ FireXC Pro tyres to them (which were wonderfully quick, but rather puncture prone) and it took 4 sets of tyre levers and a lot of swearing to remove them from my rims.. They were an incredibly tight fit.

  3. I remember training for my first Manchester – Blackpool on knobblies, then switching to 1.75″ slicks (not skinnies admittedly) in the last week. I reckon it was worth 3mph easily. Great work, sir 🙂

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