Doin’ Alright

Second road ride of the week, which I’m rather pleased with.  Following the earlier ride this week I decided to add a lap to the ride and see if I could ‘still’ keep the average at 10mph.

I started the ride and noticed that my legs where a bit achey, something I put down to the previous ride and not fully recovered. The ride itself was a good exercise as I played around with gear selection and moved between the middle and big ring on the front and I only dropped down onto the smaller ring towards the end of the ride and the closing climb.

Partway through lap 3 I checked the mileage on my sportstracker app and decided that I hadn’t done enough mileage and put in an extra lap for good measure.

The final stats for the ride were 10.3 miles, 11.1mph average and a 31mph max over the speed bumps down Rooley Moor Road (upto the point where the cars slowed me down (humph).

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that at the end of the ride I managed to accelerate up the hill towards my house and that i’d improved my average speed to just over 11mph.

My mileage for the month is now just under 50 miles with a ride in Llandegla only 8 days away, January has turned out to be a better month than planned. I suspect that I’ll have ridden 80-90 miles, which is a cracking start to the year and my plans to ride much more.

Oh, and I managed another goal. 🙂


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