Daughter and Dad Ride Again

I took Katie out for her first ride of 2010 and chose a great ride, thanks to @phillconnell. He suggested that we took the canal tow path from Firgrove up to Smithybridge and back as it’s a nice gentle gradient. We got to the bridge just after 2PM and proceeded to ride up the tow path, in horrible, cold, yucky weather. The ride itself was great, the towpaths were very muddy and it’s the first time i’ve seen Clegg Hall.

We got to Smithybridge in good time and decided to cycle up to Hollingworth Lake and do a loop around the lake before cycling back. I was quite surprised to see that the lake still had a lot of ice on it. Katie did brilliantly and didn’t need to stop and rest her legs as per our usual ride near home.

We did the ride in 1 hr 22 minutes and covered 6.38 miles. She’s absolutely shattered now, but had a great time and wants to make it a regular ride, but only when the rain has stopped.. She’ll get used to the weather!


5 thoughts on “Daughter and Dad Ride Again

  1. Brilliant. I absolutely love that ride with the family, some bread (for the geese at the Lake) and a coupl quid for a capuccino. Such a good, easy ride for the kids. And me šŸ™‚

  2. Cheers. She was a little unsure with the first couple of bridges but was fine after that. AND She actually listened to me this time… Normally when I shout STOP she ignores me and carries on, which was an obvious concern as we were riding on a busy stretch of road between the canal and the lake.

    But yes, Phill, I agree.. It is an easy ride! But it is perfect for Katie to build up some stamina and leg strength.

  3. I’ll be out again tonight on my Road loop. I’m going to see if I can get to 15 miles in around 80 minutes. I can’t imagine my legs being able to maintain the pace that i’ve done over the previous stints.

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