Saturday Ride – Now Sundays Ride

I was hoping to go to Llandegla this weekend, but the rides are closed due to some trees that have collapsed onto the trail. How rude!

I’ll probably do the short Evans Ride on Saturday instead now. The map on their website is a bit vague, but i’ve pretty much guessed the route and I think i’ll pop over and ride it.

The inclines don’t look too demanding, so hopefully I won’t struggle too much, but i’ve got around 30 miles of evening rides planned for this week, which should mean that i’ve hit my 100miles in a month target despite the best efforts of the snow and ice. If I do manage it, then it looks good for the rest of the year.

Has now become this one, which is good as it’s a loop that i’ve been wanting and looking forward to doing for quite a while. So an early start on Sunday and out with the lads. Just got to try and nail the climb in one go again!


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