Slightly disappointed, but still pleased.

I think i’d lulled myself into a slighly false sense of security with my previous rides on smooth tarmac. Tonight’s ride really hurt! Perhaps it was down to not being fully recovered from previous rides? Or perhaps it was being back on the rough stuff. The climb from Crimble Mill up past the Crimble Restaurant was tough but I nailed it in one go.  I lost a bit of time near the mill as i’d got slightly lost in the woods and couldn’t find the road (I’d turned off the road to get into the woods!) Jowkin Lane upto Furbarn Lane was really bad with lots of pot holes, but I managed the Rake in one go too so there is definitely some improvement with my climbing and stamina.  I was quite breathless by the time i’d got to the the final climb home, but again I managed to accelerate up to my home.

9.57 miles

1 hr 3 mins

9.1 mph avg

32mph max


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