The Holby City Avoidance Ride

Tuesday nights are always a good night for me to go out on my bike. Holby City is always on between 8 and 9pm and I can’t stand the program.  I’m going to try a different route tonight. Last night’s ride didn’t happen as I couldn’t be bothered!

This looks like a fairly nice loop with out any real challenges, so hopefully I can get up to a decent average speed for the ride.

I might change the route slightly to get a couple of extra miles out of it.


7 thoughts on “The Holby City Avoidance Ride

  1. I wish my wife watched soaps – give me an excuse to go out for a Holby City Avoidance Ride 🙂

    A nice 9 miles that.

    You and Phill need to plot a route (has to be road or very little gravel paths) and we’ll all come up for a ride one weekend.

    I’m sick of Phills excuses so am getting you to sort it!

  2. Oi. Good point though. Could do Milnrow – Lboro – Hol Lake (nice stop at t’Lake) then back through Rochdale to Castleton along main roads…? . Maybe a little of the well-maintained canal towpath ‘tween Castleton & Milnrow?

  3. I think Phill could manage to Cycle over to the Retail Park too! 😀

    I’d cycle over aswell as it’s downhill all the way from my house.

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