Today was a good end to the month. I managed two rides, one of 13 miles and a second of 6. The first one started at 8am and I prepared for it lastnight and made sure that I had everything i’d need for it.

So I set off at 8am, rode upto lanehead, only to realise that i’d forgotten my helmet!! Bloody Murphy did win.. So I rode home, got my helmet and carried on to the meeting point. This ride was the first one that the ‘dads’ were going on together and i’d been lead to believe that they’d all bought bikes over christmas (how wrong was I!). They eventually turned up late as Woodhouse lane had been sheet ice and they’d had to walk. One of the dads brought his son with him on his Apollo FS26? or something, I had a go on it and I can safely say it’s the worst bike i’ve ever ridden on.

The original plan was to ride up over Rooley Moor, round past Lee Quarry and down through Whitworth and Healey Dell. There was no way we were going to manage that with this bike so we dropped carefully, due to ice, through Prickshaw and on to the Dell, past Turner Bros and down Roche Valley way to Sudden lights and then down to Heywood and up past the Crimble. We finished the ride by dropping down to Norden Road, across Jowkin Lane and over Furbarn Lane to Norden.

It took a couple of hours, and someone will be getting a new bike soon!

My Second ride of the day was a repeat of last weeks Father and Daughter ride. This time we met up with Sal and James at Hollingworth lake and they were on foot.Ā  Time meant that we only managed to get to the cafe and back, which was just over 6 miles in total.

So today I managed 19Ā  miles, which put this months total to 84 miles, which I’m very pleased about! Roll on Feb…


9 thoughts on “1+1=19

    • It was nice yesterday too.. Have to say the hot chocolates at the Lake Cafe are rather nice (and needed yesterday it was freezing)

  1. Absolutely! Do you use the cafe at the lakeside? We always go to the Wallis’ one by the amusements. They do hot choc with all the trimmings for about Ā£2. Delicious. Although as the token demic I have to have a cappucino – less sugar.

    • I’d put my buff on as the cold murders my ears. I’d taken my helmet off to put the buff on and then completely forgotten to put my helmet back on.. Can’t wait for warmer weather and then I don’t have to worry about being so stupid! šŸ˜€

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