January Roundup

January has been unexpectedly good for my cycling. Despite an ice enforced break during the middle of the month i’ve ridden more miles than I did in any month last year, 60 more than last January and it has been really enjoyable.

So, what have I learnt from this month –

  • I quite like riding quickly on the roads
  • My stamina is certainly improving
  • I’ve managed to climb where i’d have had to get off and push in the past.
  • I HATE ice. I really really HATE ice. I don’t like riding over ice when using spds.
  • I’ve managed to improve my descents (seat post too high)
  • I’m craving cycling.. I now want to ride whenever i’ve got spare time and my legs will let me.
  • I don’t appear to have lost any weight
  • My legs are much more toned and defined

What has surprised me is how quickly i’ve got fit after the Christmas and New Year excess, rides that i’d expect to have taken over an hour have taken half of that and i’ve managed to carry on and ride for longer.

I’m taking more care of my bike. It’s getting cleaned after rides and I can really notice the difference in the smoothness of gearchanges (mechs obviously don’t like being caked in mud)

So, 84 miles this month. I know this is quite insignificant compared to the mileage other riders put in, but for me it’s a major milestone and i’m looking forward to riding over 100 miles  in February.

Interestingly January has seen me ride more than 3 times last January with only twice the rides.


9 thoughts on “January Roundup

  1. Well done. I certainly agree with looking after your bike. Treat it like your best friend and it will return the favour. I have friends who make their husbands clean and maintain their bikes. This boggles me, it’s a pleasure to lavish love on the thing you plan on hurtling down hills on.

    I too have the hill thing going on, I’ve gone from avoiding them to hunting them down and beating them senseless (well, getting up them anyway). There is no feeling like that.

      • We have a ride every two weeks at the moment in prep for some mad 100 mile cheshire ride that Chris signed us up to, so I’ll give you a shout – next one is 21st Feb I think.

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