Not bad, but very windy and slippery in places

Last nights ride was quite enjoyable. I was aiming to go over to Edenfield and back, but decided that it might be a wee bit slippy on the tops.

So, instead I ventured out over Shawfield Lane/Field/muddy track over to Norden, round the back of the old Library and up the hill to cross over Elmsfield and dropping down through Furbarn Lane before starting the climb up School Lane to Ashworth Valley Road.

So far so good..

Then I got on to Ashworth Valley Road and my aim was to not stop until i’d got past the B&B. In reality I made it half way up the hill towards the old Edgerton Arms before my legs refused to work.

A quick breather and off I went, there were quite a few patches of standing ice which made the climbing fun as it was tricky judging whether to sit or stand for the climbing.

The climb up past the farm was easier than I previously remember, so fitness and endurance are improving.

The top of Ashworth Road was covered in quite a lot of snow, from just after the farm to the start of the reservoir dam.  Riding across the top was great fun as there was a very brisk side-wind that made cycling in a straight line difficult.

Finished the ride by dropping down the road from Owd Betts to Norden and cycling home.

9.2 Miles

1hr 9 mins

7.9mph avg

32.5mph max


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