Back on the Chain Gang

Last nights ride was meant to be a repeat of the loop over Ashworth Valley. I’d hoped that the more favourable conditions and my legs actually feeling attached would result in an improved time over the 1hr 9mins that I did at the start of the week.

Shawfield Lane was very slippery,the high clay content made the surface testing to say the least. As I pedaled down past Norden Primary the rear mech locked up slightly, but a quick back pedal cleared it. Over Edenfield Road and onwards up past the back of Whittaker Moss the chain locked up again, as before a slight back pedal cleared it.  As I cycled past the back of the school I lost drive and upon inspection I found that my chain was no longer connected to the bike.

After a revisit of the route, I found it lying in a puddle. Great.

A simple chain fix took 20 minutes, which was really frustrating, and I cycled home.

4.11 miles

32 minutes (not including chain repair)

7.7 mph avg

29mph max.

I’ve ordered my new chain, thanks to recommendations from @ChasingTrails and

Hopefully it should arrive at the same time as my new Time ATAC pedals.


2 thoughts on “Back on the Chain Gang

  1. Great tip there. Maybe they should send a couple of spare links with a new bike too. Now I’m paranoid… and I don’t have chain tool on my multi.


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