A testing and painful ride, yet really good.

This morning’s ride was interesting to say the least. I met up with the guys at around 8.40 and we headed up to Top of Leech. I’d fitted a new chain yesterday and it was suffering from a lot of slip. I removed a number of links on the way as I got it to how I wanted it.

The plan was to drop down past Lee Quarry and into Whitworth, but time constraints meant that we ended up playing in Ding Quarry before a quick blast down the service roads of the Scout Moor wind farm and a cheeky drop down to the top Greenbooth Reservoir.

There was still a lot of deep snow in the quarry, which resulted in me losing my balance and ending up in knee deep freezing water.

The singletrack down to Lady Lees Wood was great fun. I then dropped my seat and we headed down the wood to the Reservoir..

That’s when the fun and games began…

My problem with descents is really improving, but the lack of grip meant that I had to get off the bike and push down a short stretch of the hill.

I slipped, wrapped my bike around a tree, slammed my hand down on the chain ring and punctured my hand.

The rear hanger gave up about 2 miles from home. So I ended up pushing the bike back to Rooley Moor and then freewheeled home.

I need to make sure I carry a first aid kit with me from now on as I can’t be trusted to ride without falling off.

10.1 miles

3.74 mph avg

36.7 mph max

2hrs 42 mins

A great ride, but I’d have preferred to have not bled partway through!


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