Shaken and slightly stirred

I took the merlin for a ride tonight whilst I wait for my new Gear hanger to arrive. I decided that it would be the best option to no do anything too testing as it has. Rst sponge forks and v brakes. It climbs surprisingly well, I think the 21 speed gearing is slightly lower than the orange.

The Cobbles down to healey dell were particularly horrible and I had to slow down to minimise the risk of the bike shaking to pieces.

Did the usual loop down spotland road across the council estate narrowly avoiding getting stoned by the pond feeders that were hiding in the woods near Rochdale cricket club. Dicks. Before dropping down onto bury road and a climb back to Norden along jowkin lane.

11 miles

65 minutes

10.15mph avg

Max unknown as phone ran out of battery


3 thoughts on “Shaken and slightly stirred

    • Nah, I’ll just not go that way.. Once the clocks go forward i’ll be off over the hill towards waterfoot / Bacup etc..

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