Interesting cloud

Thanks to Phill for pointing this one out.. Quite a good site for analysing your site and creating a cloud. I think there’s quite a common theme running through mine..


11 thoughts on “Interesting cloud

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  2. Hi mate, came across your Blog via Joby and Phill. It’s nice to see another MTBer amongst all of the Dark Side roadies!

    I’ll make a point of stopping by regularly now.

    Oh BTW yellow wheels…no…



    • cheers, and welcome!

      I’m trying very hard not to go towards the darkside… I can start to see some of its (limited) appeal!

      I was only flirting with the idea of yellow tyres, but i’ve just bought a pair of black tyres today so no yellow for the moment!

  3. That might be a good shout. It’s already got blue highlights. Make yer SS hack as silly as possible, use it to test your colour-blind ideas 😉

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