Should I put yellow tyres on my bike?

I have this thing in my head about putting yellow tyres on my bike. I’ve found a pair of yellow Kendas that are 1.95″ wide, which would be good and very cheap.. May try them as an experiment.


11 thoughts on “Should I put yellow tyres on my bike?

  1. They look way better than the red ones you had on the pic on twitter earlier. Not overly keen on coloured tyres on mtbs really as they won’t stay clean for very long.

    • Well i’ve already got gold QRs and have been looking at a gold Headset and seat clamp too…

      Eventually i’d like some hopes with gold hubs.. 🙂

      oh god, then I could also get Hope floating rotors with gold too….

      Yellow brake cables and hydraulic work.

      Gold brake levers..

      oh my word, it’s endless….

      Must…. resist…..

  2. Y’see, it’s the thin end of a wedge. That’s why I went black & white for my bike. I can only buy monochrome gear now, it’ll stop me making horrible aesthetic errors like you guys 😉

    • You see, you need to move into the 21st century.. I can recommend a couple of good powder coaters for the frame…….

      • No thanks, I’m sticking purist on this one….. until I get bored. I did used to love my brushed alu frame on th Haro though – which you’ll be getting when I get round to fettling it!

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