Slip slap slip

This mornings ride was quite an interesting ride, thanks to a number of things. I had initially decided that I would ride over rooley moor to stacksteads and then either come back via edenfield or whitworth.

The new tyres that I fitted yesterday had much better rolling resistance but I found them to be a bit skittish.

Got to lane head at 8.30 and realised that I really couldn’t be bothered with the climb and went off towards prickshaw and then turned off towards broadley down the pbw. There are a few sections that are quite rough and icy, so I decided the best bet would be to unclip and carefully navigate this section. Right foot unclipped ok but before I had time to do the same with my other foot, I lost my balance fell to the left and slammed down onto the stone slab with my knee. Ouch.

I waited a moment before continuing down towards the bridleway and over to Whitworth. I fitted a new chain this week and despite the rear cassette being as new I really struggled with chain slip. The good thing about this was that I couldn’t use the small chainring and had to do ALL the climbs on the middle.

A road route was decided on and I rode up through Shawfort and Britannia before dropping down past lee quarry and Waterfoot and the long ride back.

Generally it was a great ride, it would have been a bit quicker if I had the use of the big ring and I hadn’t stopped to offer my tyre levers to a roadie with a punctured tyre.

19 miles

1hr 50 mins

10.4 mph/avg

No idea about max speed as my phone had insufficient charge to use the gps.


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