New pedals time.

My new pedals arrived last week and i’ve not had time to fit them. So tonight my bike will be the recipient of some shiny and not too scratched Time ATAC Alium pedals.

On initial inspection they look very good with a lot more clearance around the cleat area for mud shedding.

I’m hoping that they are better at disengaging than my current M505 SPD pedals, so that I can stop having repeats of my comedy left foot failure to disengage / fallover routines.

Initial thoughts are that ther are harder to engage and need a firmer push to clip in, but disengagement feels better for emergency unclips.

Oh, and don’t buy cheap bolts as they round off too easily and you have to drill them out


22 thoughts on “New pedals time.

  1. I have the opposite problem to your disengaging failure – my shimano spds keep working loose so end up disengaging when pulling up on climbs or sprinting. Freaking annoying.

    I’ve been looking at the atacs too. Hope to hear your views on them over time 🙂

    • Well they’re certainly stiff to engage, but they disengage better than the spds. I think they’ll be much better gor me.

  2. I’ll watch this with interest, as a non-shoe person. I experimented with cheapo toeclips in the last couple of rides on the Haro and liked them a lot. I’m thinking I should go clip on the Focus, but decent ones. I’m not keen on going full cycling shoe as I still usually ride with the young ‘uns which is a very stop-start affair. That and the expense.
    I remain open-minded.

    • Well if you want you can have my pedals and cleats. You need to keep an eye out for the next time lidl is selling shoes for £19.. That’s what I’ve got and generally they’re very good. crap in icy conditions due to the type of sole but for you they’d be more than adequate.

  3. I have the spds on my roadie surely cos i like cafe stops and being able to walk into such places without looking like a penguin. My trackie has full on look keo sprint pedals for sheer power output. It don’t matter if you can’t walk properly when down at the velo cos nobody can there 😉

    • Lol. I’ve been using spds for about 4 years but I’ve been told about the merits of the time pedals so I thought I’d give them a try. So far so good (test engage in garage)

  4. Bout the same length of time I’ve had my spds on the roadie.

    I’ll wait til you’ve had a ride or two with your time atac before I decide on whether to go for them or not; see exactly how you do 😉

  5. Never had any SPD problems ever, I did use Onza’s back in the day as they had loads of float for my dodgy knees but I found SPDs to be ok too.

    Time ATACs get a great write up, but I’ve never used them or know anyone who has, I’ll be interested to see what you think.

    With the SPD thing, maybe adjusting them to get the correct tension might solve the release/entry issue?

  6. I’ve heard times are good for those with knee problems. But I’ve never had an issue with spd’s. Since I would have to change pedals on mutiple bikes and Ali has spd’s on all hers I won’t be changing.

    Lost is it the cleats? I pulled out on my mountain bike the other day, tightened the tension on the pedals but it kept happening. Tried another pair of shoes, no issues. So time for new cleats on my boots!

  7. I got SPD pedals and cleats from ebay for £15. I have them on the tourer and have no problems doing the stop start with the junior cyclist.

    My new road bike (1st one ever!!) I bought shimano spd sr which look remarkably like my husbands look keos but were only £50. they are harder to get out of but I can tell the difference when I’m pedalling.

  8. Hmmm, interesting. If I can get some for £15 on eBay like Wowy I can play with them to see how I go, perhaps. Or even swap with Jon for me bike (when I g bits off’f it, soz Jon)! Just need to invest in some suitable shoes then.
    Jon, why you getting rid of the ones you’re offering me? How crap ARE they? 😉

    • They’re not crap at all. They’ve got plenty of life in them, i’m just crap at staying on my bike and the Times allow me to be a bit more brutal in getting my foot off the pedal in an emergency. They’re probably worth a try. Even if you don’t like them, you can still use the lidl shoes with normal pedals…


      • I am interested, please reserve your old pedals for me Jon, cheers! I’ll try to get hold of some of theose “special school” shoes from Lidl. If I don’t go to Lidl, what sort of shoes do I need?

  9. Phil: any shoes that are classed as mtb shoes are good for spds. Though if you’re not keen on the pedals then those that rooley suggested are great. Specialised Tahoe are great too thought probably too expensive for ‘trying spds out’ shoes.

  10. Phil: any shoes that are classed as mtb shoes are good for spds. Though if you’re not keen on the pedals then those that rooley suggested are great as they can be used with flat pedals. Specialised Tahoe are great too (again, can be used with flatties) though probably too expensive for ‘trying spds out’ shoes.

  11. I can sink £25-worth as Jon says, so the shimanos are a good shout. Once I get my bike sorted to give to Jon we can move on with this idea ! 🙂

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