To summarise….

This weeks riding was meant to be better than it transpired. Last Sunday I managed to drop my bike half way down a steep descent, which resulted in a cut hand and a broken bike.

Nowi thought I was being a bit of a smartarse and ordered a new gear hanger off the net.

I could have ordered it directly from Orange for £17.95, but no, I looked at the shape of it and got a kona one instead for a tenner… Looked the same so it must be the same?

Got a new chain at the same time,but could I get the chain to stop slipping?

No.. But on Sunday it was rideable and I rode a 19 mile road loop in 1 hr 50 mins. This weeks evening tide was meant to be a recce over towards Watergrove and started fine – no chain slip but the front brake pads gave up the ghost.

A slight problem but the rear still worked.

I cycled up Ending Rake without any drama at all, but as soon as I started to put the power down on the flat there was a crunch and the rear mech was getting very intimate with the spokes.

Damaged –

Gear hangar (snapped)
Chain (snapped)
Rear mech (bent jockey wheel cage)

Following lots of advice from Twitter it may have been wear related, so tonight I’ve. Bought –

A gear hangar from orange
A suntour duralux alloy cassette
An hg53 chain

All new and hopefully going to solve nt recent issues.

I’ll post an update once they’ve arrived.


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