Shaken and stirred 2.0

Today’s ride we opted to head off over to Watergrove and loop back via Whitworth.

I was using the Merlin again as mine us awaiting spare parts.

Met up with Steve and Mike and started the ride. The rear brake was rubbing all the way and the gears would only shift down to the middle ring, so I was going to have to work a bit harder on the climbs.

We dropped down through prickshaw and healey dell, before the steep but fairly short climb up Ending rake took us onto open moorland littered with rocks from old quarry workings.

We followed the track as it snaked towards Wardle, before turning left and climbing up a narrower stretch that took us towards watergrove.

I knew that the track to the left at the crossroads would take us towards lobden but that was going to be the way home.

Steve turned right and I think we should have turned left a little further down the track but we missed it and ended up at Syke common. Not what we’d planned, so we re-routed and cycled down towards heywood and cut across crumble lane. A quick diversion along jowkin lane and I was home just short of 1hr 45 after setting off.

Max 29.7 mph

Avg 7.9mph

I can’t wait to get mine back on the road, so to speak, as it’s nowhere near as nervous as the merlin.


5 thoughts on “Shaken and stirred 2.0

  1. So, nothing fell off this time then? Sounds and looks like a good ride. I reckon you should take some photos while you’re up there, show people the cracking views you must take in on yer travels.
    Almost sorted yer SS bike yesterday but was advised to to spare my dodgy ribs. It’ll happen soon I promise.

    • Hi Phil,

      I could take photos.. I’ll try and remember to do so. It’ll pad out my posts too!!

      No rush on the bike, recovering is the main priority!


  2. At least nothing fell off or snapped this time.

    A SS bike – Oooow!

    I’m still not sure what to make of my SS. It’s fine off-road but its a real ball ache on the road.

  3. Ha ha with your record, it might save you a fortune!
    I was thinking you were going to play on it around the quarries, less bits to break.
    Should be able to get most of the work done but can’t do pedals with busted rib. Too ouchy.

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