Tonights Ride a pre-Holby Avoidance Ride

Tomorrow evening’s ride is cancelled due to baby sitting duties, so I’ll go out tonight and get some road mileage done.

The Merlin needs the rear brake fettling before I go out, but that’s just a case of adjusting the pad position on the v-brakes.

I’ll stick with it running 14 speed, yes it’s a 21 speed and a right wierd combination of ratios too…

Reckon it’ll take me about 45 minutes, but i’ll update details after the ride with averages/maxes etc

Alas, it wasnt’ to be.. As happens I had less time free, so I did a quick loop through Healey Dell and up Edenfield Road. Interestingly (for me), I found the climb up Edenfield road quite a slog tonight but when I got to the top I noticed that i’d been on the big ring all the way, so not too bad.

5.3 miles

36 mins

8.7mph avg

34.8mph max


8 thoughts on “Tonights Ride a pre-Holby Avoidance Ride

  1. cheers.. I can’t get enough at the moment.. If you ignore the innuendo.. Increased fitness just breeds the need to ride more and more…

    I’m lovin’ it!!

  2. πŸ™‚ Yep. I’ve got flatties for you, the ones that came with my Focus. I’m going to rip the beartraps off the Haro and nick your SPDs. The faltties are ok for you, but by no means brilliant.

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