New chain, no pain

last nights ride was a repeat of the shaken and stirred ride last week. It was the first time i’d had chance to try the pedals/chain/cassette combination since fitting them.

It was a good ride with a couple of minor issues, one was part of a bush getting trapped in the rear wheel, which was soon resolved.

Another was the rear mech winding up on occasions, I think there may be a link or two too many in the chain and i’ll sort that out.

and finally I had a bit of a problem engaging the pedal with my right shoe towards the end of the ride, so I stopped to reposition the cleat in an attempt to fix it. (It sort of worked)

Things i’ve learned from the ride are – Time ATACs are much nicer than SPDs, there’s a nice solid click when engaging the mechanism, but you have to be smooth when engaging. You can’t stamp on the pedal like you can with Shimano’s offering and hope for the cleat to engage.

Also, my tyres are too narrow. even thought they’re 1.95″ compared to 2.0″ the difference is incredible. The bike is very nervous over cobbles and changes direction far too quickly.

Oh, and a 34 tooth rear cassette is very very spinny! It may come in useful on some climbs, but not last night.

7.5 miles
8.1mph avg
27.4 mph max
55 mins


8 thoughts on “New chain, no pain

  1. That big gear did look very spinny on your pics last time, but might be handy on technical uphill stuff, bouncing around quarries and whatnot.
    Bike update: I’ve reviewed my pedal situation and I’m not gonna take the big flatties off the Haro, which means less tinkering for your new old bike. That’s because I’m gonna put your old SPD’s on the new Focus, so no need to change Focus crappy flatties for the Haro’s better ones. Y’see?

    • very spinny spinny.. I thought the chain had come off to begin with.

      Thanks for clarifying the pedal situation. It’s all very clear now.

  2. Oi! Well, ribs not bad from a VERY easy ride t’other day. Going to Gisburn 18th April with bunch from work – fancy it? It’ll be an easy ride but a bit of fun I reckon.

  3. Why why why do people star out my swears – this is the internet – free speech and all that.

    Your breaking some human rights law somewhere 😦

    sob sob sob

  4. I’ve always thought 1.95″ tyres are too skinny, but the big difference between a 1.95″ & a 2″ will most likely be down to the manufacturer measuring differently. Some measure the width of the casing & others measure the width from one tread block to another & some just pluck a number out of the air. Proved by the fact that some makes have different actual sizes for 2 of their own tyres with the same size marked on the sidewall…

    • I’d initially got them because I thought they’d be better in Mud and also on the road, but to be honest, they’re not greatly different with regards to rolling resistance, but I think I’ll go back to the wider tyres and put these on ebay, along with the 1.8″ Panaracer Fire XC Pro tyres i’ve got (that I could never get on my rims without pinch flatting the tubes during the fitting process!)

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