Rideless weekend

I had high hopes for this weekend’s ride. – my bike was back in one piece, I’d put the better tyres back on and was raring to go…

That was before the phonecall on Friday afternoon to tell me my son was being sick everywhere. Ok, it might be something, but usually nothing.

So got him settled in bed and later that evening the stomach cramps started and an overwhelming feeling of nausea
Which resulted in about 2 hrs sleep and a couple of pounds lost.

So 2 days left in the month, I need to get one more decent ride in.


6 thoughts on “Rideless weekend

  1. Hope you’re both feeling better today 🙂

    Not sure you’ll want to ride this week – weather is due to be atrocious all week isn’t it.

  2. When I rode mtb i loved it too. Still do when I take the roadie off-road. Last time she ended up with a couple of inches deep of mud on her.
    When I’m riding her on the road I’m not keen on this weather though

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