Slippery When Wet

hmm, that’s a good title.. Sounds familiar.

Anyway, where was I? Tonight’s ride was planned to be a re-run of last night’s ride, but with an additional loop over Lobden Moor. Legs were a bit too tired to do a second lap, so I dropped down Whitworth Rd, down through Healey Dell and onto Edenfield Rd, before cycling home.

Slippery when wet? That was the climb from Ending Rake upto Dirty Leach past Brownhouse wham. Caught me out tonight thanks to tired legs. Just a couple of dabs and the odd wobbly section.

The stealth horses were out again tonight too.. Scary!

9.2 miles

70 mins

7.9mph avg


not quite blimey

Having not quite recovered from Monday’s road ride, I decided to test out the mech and brakes off road. I chose a fairly short route, just incase something fell off, or the front brake jammed and I ended up sliding down the track on my face.

The route I chose was up through Prickshaw, along Ending Rake towards Watergrove Res, then up Dirty Leech to Lobden Moor, a quick descent of Whitworth Rake before a quick scoot along the old Healey Dell railway line and cutting up Prickshaw Lane to home.

I have to say, i’m quite happy with the way my fitness is going, it was hard work, but there weren’t any obstacles that worried me (Apart from the stealth horses at Dirty Leach)

Climbing was great, I could attack certain elements of the ride that historically have been troublesome. I can pick my lines better to avoid holes/rocks/horses, so it’s looking better.

Rear Mech? Sweet. Shifts beautifully, just need to adjust it to get the top/bottom cogs, but other than that no grumbles.

Brakes? Well, once they’re warmed up they are amazing (compared to Hayes Soles anyway). Plenty of feel and stopping power.

Well chuffed with tonights ride.

6 miles

50 mins

7.2mph avg


I decided on a simple road ride tonight as I didn’t trust the old mech to hang together for any hard climbs.3 loops of Bury road and Edenfield road, covered in 40 minutes.

17 miles

40 mins

25.5mph avg

45 mins

22mph avg (Corrected)

No idea what was in my legs tonight, but I want more of it. I was flying. Perhaps a week off has actually done me some good. I’ll try and get out for another ride this week, but i’ll do an off-roader and see how I fare.

Mondays ride

I’ve not managed to get out much recently, two rides this month. Most of the gremlins with the transmission seem to have been ironed out – only the odd slip here and there but I can live with that.

Last nights ride was the first chance I had to test out my new Helmet cam AND it was the first ride of the year in SHORTS!!

It’s very dinky, slightly smaller than my thumb and comes with a number of mounting brackets. For last nights test I stuffed it into the central cooling vent in my helmet.  (only problem was it was pointing to far forward as the forthcoming video clip shows)

I decided to ride straight up RMR from the cattle grid at Lane Head rather than doing the slightly longer detour to avoid the first set of cobbles.

It was hard work last night, but I kept on climbing, to my surprise I was overtaken by an Audi A3 and a young couple asked if this was the road to Bacup. Tomtom strikes again? I told them they’d break their car if they attempted it. ITS A BRIDLEWAY! A big sign at the bottom of the road says NO MOTORISED VEHICLES. Idiot.

Anyway, I carried on. The climb took about 18 minutes and was a hard slog. I stopped to have  a look back over manchester and talked to a helmet cam that had stopped recording by that point (memory full)

I decided to pop over to Cragg Quarry and see the great work that has been done there. I rode some of it but bottled the drops, don’t know why as I’ve done descents like that recently without any problems. I’ve also done descents that have tried to rip me to shreds, so perhaps i’m psychologically damaged 😀

Cut that short as it was starting to get dark and rode back home, got some good pace too.  Only issue on the way back was nearly running into some concrete fence posts that had been dumped in a puddle next to the track.

Oh, and my DX P7 Lamp worked a treat too, really happy with it now it recharges!

8 miles

1hr 13 mins

Max 29mph

Avg 6.6mph

Apologies for the puffing and grunting in the video….