I decided on a simple road ride tonight as I didn’t trust the old mech to hang together for any hard climbs.3 loops of Bury road and Edenfield road, covered in 40 minutes.

17 miles

40 mins

25.5mph avg

45 mins

22mph avg (Corrected)

No idea what was in my legs tonight, but I want more of it. I was flying. Perhaps a week off has actually done me some good. I’ll try and get out for another ride this week, but i’ll do an off-roader and see how I fare.


10 thoughts on “Blimey

    • Should do! I’ve double checked the route and it was miles not kilometres. I think it was one of those freak rides that everything clicked and it was a nice easy fairly flat route

    • I don’t know! I’ve double checked the route, my time and everything and it still comes out the same..

      I had a pasta salad for lunch, but a Mahoosive bowl of beef and potato stew for my tea.. Perhaps that’s what it was!!

    • thanks.. I suspect I may have taken a couple of minutes more (manual timing last night) so the avg might be closer to 22mph. Everything worked last night, little traffic, lights were on Green each time and I didn’t have any mechanicals, plus I didn’t have to take my feet out of my pedals at all. It still takes a bit of luck to get the cleat to engage first time.

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