not quite blimey

Having not quite recovered from Monday’s road ride, I decided to test out the mech and brakes off road. I chose a fairly short route, just incase something fell off, or the front brake jammed and I ended up sliding down the track on my face.

The route I chose was up through Prickshaw, along Ending Rake towards Watergrove Res, then up Dirty Leech to Lobden Moor, a quick descent of Whitworth Rake before a quick scoot along the old Healey Dell railway line and cutting up Prickshaw Lane to home.

I have to say, i’m quite happy with the way my fitness is going, it was hard work, but there weren’t any obstacles that worried me (Apart from the stealth horses at Dirty Leach)

Climbing was great, I could attack certain elements of the ride that historically have been troublesome. I can pick my lines better to avoid holes/rocks/horses, so it’s looking better.

Rear Mech? Sweet. Shifts beautifully, just need to adjust it to get the top/bottom cogs, but other than that no grumbles.

Brakes? Well, once they’re warmed up they are amazing (compared to Hayes Soles anyway). Plenty of feel and stopping power.

Well chuffed with tonights ride.

6 miles

50 mins

7.2mph avg


4 thoughts on “not quite blimey

    • There’s the odd squeak from the brakes, but that’s just caliper alignment.

      Yes, I was surprised it was only 6 miles.. I may have to add another loop on Lobden Moor to get it upto around 10 miles..

  1. It may ‘only’ be 6 miles, but those miles are worked harder for by you on your mtb than 6 of my road miles, so theoretically you’ve done many more 🙂

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