First Ride of May

I used my helmet camera for the first time last night, in dark conditions. Resulting images are quite blurry as the sensor is too small to allow enough light to get anything meaningful. I’ll process the file at some point and upload it onto here. The descent from Prickshaw to Healey Dell is great fun in the dark, there were definite improvements in the way I tackled the way the route narrowed and turned sharply.

I mixed off-road and on-road to have a bit of variety last night.. I did, however, find a really nice, but very cheeky section near home that was tight flowing singletrack through woodland.  The light really illuminates the trail nicely.

I did dab at one point, but that was to stop me from falling in a brook. Next time i’ll know where the path goes to get a better run through.

7 miles

50 mins

8.5mph avg

32 mph max


2 thoughts on “First Ride of May

    • There are some great trails around here. I need to get to a point where I can link them up into a half decent ride, rather than a 7-9 mile blast each time.

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