2010 Over The Edge

I’d been in two minds whether I would do this years Over The Edge ride (in aid of The British Heart Foundation).  The thought of cycling up Blackstone Edge was a little off-putting and up to last week I wasn’t going to be doing it.

I bumped into my Doctor at a social event this week and he shamed me into doing it. He does the ride every year. So despite being sober, I begrudgingly agreed to do the silver ride.

I gave the bike a quick once over yesterday to make sure it was in a condition that would allow me to do the ride without anything serious mechanically happening and also swapped over to slick 2.1″ slicks.

I drove to Littleborough this morning and found a ‘free’ parking space 3/4 of a mile from the start of the ride and cycled over.

Signing up for the ride was straight forward and parted with my £13. I was now the temporary owner of a shiny number 429 that got duly attached to my Camelback.

I grabbed a coffee and then bumped into Adrian  (6t8) and had a chat before the ride started. Mayor Swift was there to wave off cyclists in groups of 20.

Now, I’d psychologically sorted myself out for the climb as it wasn’t as steep as the climb up Rooley Moor that I usually do. However, today there was a slight sting in the tail; in the form of Roadworks, which meant that the route was diverted up Blackstone Edge OLD Road.

What a horrible horrible horrible climb that is! But I managed it in one go, stopping briefly to remove my jacket (once i’d got to the top of the climb). Today’s rule was if I had to stop, it would be on the flat or on downhill bits – never on climbs.

The ride joined back onto Blackstone Edge towards the White House Pub. I lost count of the bikes that overtook me, mainly 9st racing whippets on expensive looking road bikes!

The drop down towards Baitings Dam was really quick maxing out at 41.9mph before forking off to the left and snaking over towards Mytholmroyd. The climbs here were trying as my rear mech decided it wasn’t going to shift cleanly any more, so I made do with about half of the available gears.

I was fairly pleased with the ride, I was managing to ride fairly cleanly and had a good cadence most of the time. But I was slightly disappointed with my time. I’d have liked to have done it 2hrs 30 mins. But there’s always next year for that! Well done to Adrian for doing it 2hrs, impressive!

After finishing the ride and collecting my silver medal, I treated myself to Sausage, chips and gravy. It was the best i’ve tasted in a long time!


13 thoughts on “2010 Over The Edge

  1. Still, considering the detour onto a more difficult road, and with riding the mtb, you still did pretty darn well!

    Besides, your time this year gives you an actual target to beat next year 🙂

    Consider it all a learning curve

    • I am pleased with it, but you always feel you could have done it slightly quicker. My legs weren’t used to that distance,so I need a training plan that incorporates more long rides to build up stamina and possibly to buy a road bike too..

      2hrs 15 will be my target time for next year

  2. That’ s some inspiring data in your workout summary :O)
    To me, 26 something miles in 2.5 hrs is like….just pretty frikking epic. But I also know that judging yourself against yourself is unavoidable. So um, just try and go easy on yourself. Also, glad I’m not the only one with rules.

    • with 1700ft of climbing too! Considering i’ve only ridden 7 miles this month I *am* pleased.. Just incredibly tired now though.

  3. 41mph is flying!

    I doubt many of those 9stone wippets would have been flying if they’d have been made to ride a MTB instead of a light-weight roadie.

    • 41.9mph is flying faster still! 🙂

      I’d have gone faster too as I was having probs with the gears. I think the highest gear I could get into was 23rd.

      Mind you, if they were riding my bike they’d still have a 5 stone advantage..

  4. It was cruel to send us up Blackstone Edge old road but better than having to wait at the traffic lights on the hill. Still don’t know how I got round in 2hrs on my full sus MTB must have been something special in my porridge that morning. I think I’m going to challenge myself to the gold route before the year is out.

    • yeah, but it’s a carbon full-sus so it’s a wee bit lighter than mine! Well done though, it’s a good pace. I’m going to get a few more rides like that in. I’m trying to stop myself from buying a road bike at the moment.

  5. Happy or not happy, that’s an excellent achievement mate. As someone said above, you only judge against yourself so you’re never quite happy, but that’s what spurs you on I bet.

    Outstanding achievement my friend. As I watched the Grt Mcr 10k on the telly with a sausage butty.!

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